If the title of this article is “Spirituality at work” – Would you read it?

For some, spirituality is a heavy word. Especially in combination with work, it almost sounds contradictive. Work is very down to earth, struggling, hard, lots of thinking and doing, concrete and tangible. And spirituality is airy fairy, woo woo, NOT down to earth, intangible.

And still, I cannot help myself but wonder if we’re missing something by not talking about spirituality at work.

First of all, by spirituality I mean : the idea that we are part of something bigger. For some people this might translate into life energy, love, big mind, for others this is God, Allah, Buddha, etc . Which ever word you choose is fine by me.
But I’m not talking about religion, even though religion talks about spirituality.

When I look at all things work related, f.i. leadership, team development, finding a job you love, switching careers, conflicts at work, achieving a goal, performing at the best of our abilities, etc. There seems to be a lot of “how to’s” available. How to’s that focus on how to deal with emotions, how to motivate behavioural change, even on how to think, whether it’s positive thinking or focussing our thinking or not thinking at all.

But what if we’re missing an essential piece? What if “that which is bigger than us, but we feel a part of” actually plays an essential part in our lives, and hence in the job that we do?

Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash

That’s what I would love to explore …

Cause ever since I realised that the energy behind life is my partner, my biggest supporter and biggest fan, life has gotten easier. My relationships have gotten easier. But most importantly, my work, where I was frustrated every single day, has gotten easier.

So I’m wondering whether this could be true for everyone who is interested enough to explore this dimension.

In order to explore this dimension, your interest needs to be sparked. And that’s where the title of this article comes in. If you read “Spirituality at work” does that generate some interest in you? Are you curious enough to read these words? And … does it trigger you to want to start exploring this dimension?